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SquareTap is the TapStore, a marketplace for mobile web apps. It's a custom homepage for your smart phone’s web browser, giving you quick, easy access to your favorite mobile apps and a directory of the best mobile destinations from around the web. Learn more ⟩

Do you use the web on your mobile?

http://squaretap.com SquareTap is currently in beta. It's not perfect but you're welcome to take it for a spin. We think you'll find it useful even as we add more apps and features over the coming weeks. Check it out at http://squaretap.com on your mobile.

Are you building mobile
web sites?

We're building a developer center just for you. There you can learn about testing SquareTap and adding your own mobile web app to the TapStore.

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Popular mobile apps:

  1. Gmail Gmail
  2. Google Maps Google Maps
  3. Amazon Amazon
  4. Twitter Twitter
  5. Facebook Facebook
  7. Hotmail Hotmail
  8. Yahoo! Mail Yahoo! Mail
  9. Google Calendar Google Calendar
  10. Google Docs Google Docs

Find your favorite apps in the TapStore: Visit http://squaretap.com with your mobile.