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We've been developing mobile web sites for years. We understand the challenges. SquareTap wants to make the world a better place for mobile web developers like you.

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We think it can be a lot easier than it is now. Easier for you, the developer, and easier for users. SquareTap is far more than just a directory, the features we’re building now will improve the way users engage with the mobile web.

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Add your app to SquareTap

Yes, you can add your mobile app to SquareTap right now, it's easy! Please review our simple criteria:

  • Is it something lots of people will love?
  • Is it suitable for all ages? (if your app features primarily mature content hold tight for just a little bit while we work out a few more details)
  • Is it formatted for small screen/mobile devices?

If you said "Yes!" to all three questions you can add your app.

  1. Log into SquareTap on your mobile and then tap "Find apps"
  2. Tap "Your private apps" (the very last option)
  3. Tap "Add a new app to the TapStore."
  4. Make sure to choose "Anyone can add this to their home screen."